Our new Wyzyr Prototype helps people make wiser life decisions.
Over 95% of people who use Wyzyr find it helpful and worth their time.
It’s simple, and it works.


The Wyzyr Prototype is anonymous, free and easy to do. Let’s go!



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Are you facing a big decision? Our new Wyzyr prototype can help.

Your intuition is a powerful ally, but getting a handle on it is tricky. Wyzyr helps by asking thoughtful questions and making helpful suggestions before revealing your answer to you.

Along the way, Wyzyr also creates indexes for your decision Experience, Power, Conflict and Emotion to show how your situation relates to other people facing similar decisions.

The process is like a mirror for your mind, based on scientific research and the decisions of many other people like you.

Curious? Read more about how it works or visit our community site to see how Wyzyr has helped others with big decisions:

“I feel happy. It made me realize the answer was already inside me.”
“It is like 8 hours worth of psychoanalysis in five minutes. Very interesting.”
“I am relieved. I released some of my feelings and got help with a crucial decision.”
“I am enlightened and excited. Wahanegi was very beneficial.”
“I strongly recommend Wahanegi. I like it.”

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